Press Wash for Quality Prints

Flexo Shine™ is setting a brighter bar for anilox roll cleaning.

To set the bar high in the printing game is to set it bright. So your choice for press wash and anilox roll cleaning is really a choice for print quality. Keeping anilox rolls and press equipment clean is priority one for producing showcase-worthy prints. In 2009, Flexo Shine™ wiped the old standard clear with ECO-I.C.E.™ Super Concentrate—the anilox roll cleaner that's helped businesses in 48 states and 9 countries lower costs and improve print quality with a unique, caustic-free emulsification technology that's safer for employees and equipment.

From the start, Flexo Shine has successfully focused on creating safer alternatives to the high-caustic cleaners most our competitors sell. Our commitment to the safety of our customers, the state of the environment, and the strength of our cleaners is evident in every Flexo Shine formula. Because we’ve compared the results time after time, the Flexo Shine team is confident our non-caustic press wash and anilox roll cleaners will outperform even high-caustic ink cleaners, without risking needless damage to printing equipment, employees, or the environment.

Stronger Press Wash Line

The Flexo Shine line of press wash products has grown almost as exponentially as customer base has in our first 5 years. Through hands-on service, we’ve discovered numerous ways to improve the water-based ink cleaning process. In turn, we’ve developed and tested additional press wash solutions to meet nearly every need. Today, we offer a full line of proven-effective ink emulsifiers and anilox roll cleaners that are non-caustic and safer for the environment.

Remarkable Flexo Solutions

Safer Anilox Roll Cleaning

Let’s be clear: non-caustic needn't be the antithesis of deeply penetrating anilox roll cleaner. Flexo Shine formulas provide powerful, lasting results that keep anilox roll cells and presses performing like new while eliminating the concerns that caustic cleaners cause. Many industrial ink cleaners damage anilox rolls and spread dangerous chemicals, but Flexo Shine accessories establish a cleaner, safer environment—free of caustic, corrosive chemicals.

Safer Ink Cleaning Accessories

Better Ink Emulsification

Why are customers so thrilled with Flexo Shine? They’ve seen our incredible ink emulsification effects in action. Each formula is designed with ink emulsifiers that instantly break down dried inks in seconds, extending the life of printing equipment by suspending ink and preventing re-deposits. Our superior ink emulsification results in a simpler preventive maintenance process— not to mention less time and money spent cleaning your anilox rolls.

Improved Ink Emulsification