Stronger, Safer Ink Cleaners for Better and more Vivid Print Quality

Specifically formulated for the flexographic printing industry, Flexo Shine is leading the way in helping facilities move from caustic cleaners to more environmentally-friendly solutions that perform better at improving print quality.

Flexo Shines cleaning solutions for the water-based, UV and solvent-based inks are proven to be powerfully effective and safe for your people, your anilox, your presses, and the environment.

The key to our breakthrough ink cleaners? Its not difficult to create a cleaner to break down ink. The difficult part is what happens after the ink is broken down. This is where Flexo Shine separates from the competition: Our emulsification science is unmatched in the industry.

Once the ink is broken down Flexo Shine science kicks in. Our cleaners emulsify and suspend the ink. In other words, the ink and the cleaner become one. This prevents it from redepositing back on your anilox, doctor blades and pumps. Frankly, using anything else is like mopping with dirty water.

Perpetual State of Improvement

For more than a decade, Flexo Shine has successfully created safer alternatives to the high-caustic cleaners most of our competitors sell. Along the way, we’ve sought customer feedback, listened to your needs, concerns and continually improved and expanded our line of water- and solvent-based ink cleaners. Our customers’ insights drive our research and help lead to our growing list of breakthrough formulas, which have made Flexo Shine #1 in water-based ink cleaning and the trusted choice for solvent-based ink cleaning.

Today, we remain constantly committed to the safety of our customers and the quality of your prints. We recognize our responsibility to protecting the world we live in, and we know through countless conversations with our customers that you share that commitment. Finally, we’ve verified through careful testing that it’s possible to create tough, caustic-free ink cleaners without risking needless damage to printing equipment, employees, or the environment.