Water-Based Ink Press Wash

Suspending Water-Based Ink for Cleaner Prints

ECO-I.C.E.™ Super Concentrate is the water-based ink press wash that’s breaking previously accepted bounds for safe, affordable anilox cleaners. With unparalleled emulsifying properties, the non-caustic formula developed by Flexo Shine™ has almost entirely eliminated the need to risk the damage traditional caustic cleans can cause over time. Using ECO-I.C.E. press wash regularly for preventive maintenance improves printing efficiency while reducing downtime and extending the life of your printing equipment—all for pennies per use.

The Clean & Safe Press Wash

What’s in this magical press wash for water-based ink printers? Despite its unbelievable ability to outperform caustic cleaners, the ECO-I.C.E. formula is pure science. In fact, with all the harmful chemicals that are not in our formula, you may wonder if it’s just plain pure. It's actually comprised of many components that synergize in an exceptional preventive maintenance press wash. It contains zero of the VOCs, phenols, caustic or corrosive chemicals, solvents, and SARA Title III chemicals contained in most leading cleaners.

That makes ECO-I.C.E. safer for the things that matter most to your company: your employees, your printing equipment, and the Earth.

An Effective Press Wash for the Entire Facility

ECO-I.C.E. press wash ensures fast, on-contact emulsification and suspends water-based ink while preventing re-deposits on anilox cells and press rolls. The incredible emulsifying properties of ECO-I.C.E. result in a deeper, faster clean than competing water-based ink washes can provide. Developed for the entire facility, ECO-I.C.E. has all your cleaning needs covered—flushes through your press rolls, pumps, doctor blades, and pans to your cabinets to your floors.

The super-effective, super-affordable ECO-I.C.E. Super Concentrate offers a clear edge:

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