Flexo Shine cleaners are made for anilox rollers & flexo inks.

Redefining Yesterday's Standards
for Cleaning Anilox Rollers

When anilox rollers, plates, and other printing parts become bogged down by dried-ink deposits, printing quality and efficiency suffer. When quality and efficiency decline, printing companies lose money. Flexo Shine™ exists to improve the performance of anilox rollers and flexographic printers by elevating the expectations for anilox cleaning solutions. Tired of accepting under-performing flexo products, our founder vowed to develop a more effective, safer water-based ink emulsifier.

In 2009, after our chemical engineer created the breakthrough formula, we introduced ECO-I.C.E.™ Our first non-caustic ink emulsifier worked wonders on anilox rollers, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime for maintenance and replacement of worn parts. Demonstrations of our superior anilox cleaner led to a quick-growing client list and requests for additional flexo products. Today, Flexo Shine offers a full line of uniquely powerful ink emulsifiers and anilox roll cleaners that are non-caustic and proven safer—for your employees, your equipment, and the planet.

ECO-I.C.E. for Anilox Rollers & Flexo Equipment

The deep-penetrating yet caustic-free formula in ECO-I.C.E. Super Concentrate emulsifies water-based flexo inks on contact, cleaning anilox rollers & equipment while suspending ink preventing it from re-depositing. Available for pennies per use, ECO-I.C.E. is designed to clean and maintain the entire facility—from anilox rollers, blades, and pans to equipment & floors.

A.C.E. Anilox Roller Cleaner & Emulsifier

Clearly the best non-caustic ink emulsifier on the market, A.C.E. is known for thoroughly cleaning anilox rollers and equipment, even after dried ink has been left untouched for months. A.C.E. boasts unrivaled ink dissolution technology and rewets new and old ink on contact, effortlessly washing it away. It’s effective and safe for your people and equipment, from parts to paint.

Low Foam Liquid: Ink Cleaner & Emulsifier

Flexo Shine Low Foam Liquid emulsifies water-based ink on contact when used with automatic pH or conductivity dispensers. It safely cleans spray cabinets and contains a rust inhibitor to help protect wash equipment against corrosion. The solution is non-corrosive and pH buffered for maximum cleaning efficiency—ideal for equipment and tools in heated recirculating systems that require low foaming cleaners.

Low pH: Water-Based Ink Cleaner & Emulsifier

Flexo Shine Low pH formula is a powerful emulsifier with a low pH of 10.87 undiluted and maintains a pH above 10.0 when diluted to label specifications. The unique formula is non-corrosive and contains no caustic chemicals, VOCs, nor phenols. But does it work? Direct comparison against competitors proves Flexo Shine Low pH performs as well as or better than even the leading sellers.