Flexo Shine™ first made our mark in the water-based ink emulsification and cleaning industry in 2009, when we introduced ECO-I.C.E.™ Made for printing press rollers and anilox equipment, ECO-I.C.E. is the better, safer solution. As a new comer to the market, we’ve had to consistently demonstrate that reality for Flexo Shine’s success. Not a problem. We prefer to work closely with customers, getting to know the ins and outs of their cleaning and preventive care processes for both flexographic and gravure printing press equipment.

Spending so much time in the field has made it clear many operators are unaware their current cleaners underperform—despite containing harmful caustic chemicals. That’s let us show time and again what our chemists have proven through direct comparisons in the lab: Flexo Shine’s ink emulsification formulas perform as quickly, deeply, and thoroughly as the highest-selling water-based ink cleaners. In many cases, Flexo Shine even outperforms our competitors, all without the caustic chemicals.

The hands-on approach has let us find many ways to benefit printing companies. Sold in 48 states and 9 countries, today Flexo Shine offers a full line of non-caustic ink cleaners.


How can a non-caustic cleaner possibly outperform traditional high-caustic options, immediately rewetting and removing water-based inks from printing press rollers and anilox cells? That’s a fair question. The simple answer boils down to our far-from-simple ink emulsification formulas. Flexo Shine products feature as many as 14 components carefully selected for stronger emulsification with zero caustic or corrosive chemicals. The results are safer for your employees, your printing press rollers, and the environment.


Flexo Shine’s unbeatable ink emulsification not only cleans up the competition now; it protects printing press rollers and parts later. Along with emulsifying dried inks on contact, our cleaners suspend and prevent water-based inks from re-depositing. The lasting effects? Flexo Shine keeps printing press rollers, anilox cells, and pumps clean—all but eliminating the need for deep cleaners that damage press rollers over time. By improving printing efficiency, Flexo Shine reduces down time and lengthens the life of equipment.

Ready to better protect your printing press rollers and parts? Talk with a Flexo Shine rep.

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