Flexo Shine™ Shock Wave Elite™

Vibrantly Clean Anilox Rolls

Cleaning anilox rolls is difficult. Cleaning fine-line screen anilox is even more difficult. Powered by sound, ultrasonic cleaning is effective and easy. That said, even the best ultrasonic cleaner is useless without a strong cleaning solution to help emulsify and sequester the ink that gets blasted from anilox cells.

When your company reputation—and bottom line—is built on quality printing, you need full cell volume from your anilox. That’s why Flexo Shine developed SHOCK WAVE ELITEthe best in ultrasonic cleaning for your water-based and UV flexographic anilox. Period.

Specifically designed and painstakingly tested for removing stubborn ink, our advanced polymer system delivers unsurpassed results. Sequestering additives ensure you get a longer-lasting product and more rolls washed per order. In short, SHOCK WAVE ELITE provides more value, lower costs, and better print. Anything less simply wouldn’t warrant the name Elite.

Ultra Beneficial

Embrace the proven benefits of SHOCK WAVE ELITE:

• Ideal for ultrasonic cleaning

• Effective on water-based, UV, and varnish inks

• Long lasting for better value

• Improves cell volume

• Made from readily biodegradable ingredients

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