Flexo Shine™ Anilox Auto Wash™

Fast. Effective. Long Lasting.

Improve the cleaning efficiency in your automatic anilox roll wash machine with ANILOX AUTO WASH by Flexo ShineSpecifically designed to quickly remove tough ink and extender buildup from anilox rolls, our formula does the job fast so you can get back to the business you do best—printing.

Anilox Auto Wash is compatible with most automatic wash machines and contains the most advanced polymer and sequestration chemistry on the market for removing and suspending print inks, making it perfect for cleaning tough water-based, UV, solvent, and varnish inks.

Utilizing recent developments in micro emulsion technology lets Flexo Shine offer concentrated Anilox Auto Wash for a longer-lasting product and more rolls washed per order. Depend on ANILOX AUTO WASH for full cell volume and truly impressive print quality in your business!

Expect Results

ANILOX AUTO WASH provides powerful benefits:

  • Ideal for automatic anilox roll wash machines
  • Effective on water-based, UV, solvent, and varnish inks 
  • Long lasting for better value
  • Improves cell volume
  • Made from readily biodegradable ingredients
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