Flexo Shine™ Adhesive Remover™

Come Unglued

We’ve got just one world to call home, right? So, let’s take care of it! That responsibility includes the solutions we choose for removing adhesive buildup on equipment. We take that responsibility to heart, so while Flexo Shine ADHESIVE REMOVER is made to melt glue like a hot knife to butter, it’s made with a GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and biodegradable citrus solvent. Its citrus solvent is extracted from oranges, not an oil well… and, that’s a good thing for our planet.

But does it work? With a Kauri-Butanol (KB) value at or above most petroleum solvents, Flexo Shine’s bio-based adhesive remover is a powerful alternative to environmentally harmful, oil-based adhesive removers.

Relentlessly Effective. Environmentally Safe.

Flexo Shine ADHESIVE REMOVER is ruthlessly tough on glue without risking harm to your people, equipment, or planet:

• Effortless removal of tough adhesive buildup

• Effective bio-based solvent replacement

• Lower flammability than xylenes

• Safer on equipment paint than most petroleum solvents

• Harmless cleaner for anilox rolls

• Better results than petroleum solvents

• Made from environmentally sustainable citrus oil

ADHESIVE REMOVER is made to melt glue like a hot knife to butter.

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