Some Consider Flexo Shine A.C.E. a Deep Cleaner

After seeing A.C.E. anilox cleaner and emulsifier put to the test against the leading competition, many press operators become convinced it’s the most powerful water-based ink cleaner on the market. So powerful, some consider it a deep cleaner. A.C.E. was designed to be used straight or diluted 50:50 with water to attack ink that has been dry for a long period of time.

The Virtually Harmless Anilox Cleaner

A.C.E. anilox cleaner is a result of Flexo Shine’s endless pursuit for a stronger yet safer flexo ink cleaner. Though it is proven to attack and emulsify any water-based or UV ink, including long- dried ink, A.C.E. is non-corrosive and contains zero caustic chemicals. It won’t damage printing equipment or anilox. More importantly, it’s the safer anilox cleaner for your employees and the global environment. In fact, A.C.E. even meets California’s strict compliance laws for low VOCs.

The Cost-Reducing Anilox Cleaner

Because A.C.E. cleans anilox rolls, doctor blades, printing parts, and plates so thoroughly, it actually reduces the need for corrosive deep cleaners. A preventive care plan backed by A.C.E. anilox cleaner not only saves money by extending the lives of your printing parts, it drastically drops the budget needed for expensive deep cleaners. Maintaining quality and efficiency for any anilox printing system is more affordable, faster, and simpler with A.C.E.

The A.C.E. advantage is undeniable:

  • Does not swell polymer plates
  • Emulsifies new and old ink, washing it away effortlessly
  • Attacks dried ink quickly without damaging anilox or equipment
  • Cleans thoroughly without harming employees or the environment
  • Contains no caustic chemicals and is non-corrosive
  • Meets California compliance laws for low VOCs
  • Reduces need for corrosive deep cleaner

Need to see the proof in the details? Download the technical specs.

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