Flexo Shine™ Illuminate™

Proven Science for Pristine Printing

Specifically designed for flexographic plate washing machines, ILLUMINATE is excellent at breaking down flexographic water-based varnish and UV varnish inks. ILLUMINATE works fast on heavy ink buildup, no matter how long it’s sat on your plates.

Because it’s such a powerful ink remover, ILLUMINATE works incredibly well for many other printing industry cleaning needs. For starters, ILLUMINATE is an unbeatable maintenance cleaning product for your entire print area. Put ILLUMINATE to work removing even the toughest ink stains and spills on equipment, floors, and sink areas.

ILLUMINATE is also effective for cleaning anilox rolls and most other printing equipment. What makes ILLUMINATE such a dynamic product? It’s not magic; it’s science. Our proprietary Flexo Shine polymer system—with the industry’s most complex sequestrants—breaks down ink. Fast!

Keeping with the Flexo Shine mission to continually improve environmental protection through better science, ILLUMINATE contains less than 40g/L of VOC and less than 7.5 pounds VOC per 55-gallon drum! Don’t get left in the dark ages… Join the numerous other major printing companies who have flipped the switch to ILLUMINATE!

Gleaming with Benefits

Take advantage of the clear benefits ILLUMINATE provides:

• Made specifically for plate washing machines

• Removes water-based varnish and UV varnish inks

• Does not swell polymer plates

• Cost effective

• Works on numerous surfaces

• Low VOC content

• Made from readily biodegradable ingredients

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