Flexo Shine™ Low Foam Liquid

Low Foam for a No Foam Clean

Formulated specifically for automated cabinet wash machines, Flexo Shine LOW FOAM emulsifies ink on contact to safely remove all traces of ink from your flexographic printing press parts. Because that all-too-common ink buildup in wash sumps leads to damage-causing foam, Flexo Shine set out to create a foam-fighting emulsifier for water-based inks. The result, Low Foam, contains a special non-silicone de-foamer that effectively cleans your printing press parts without subverting your printing process.

The readily biodegradable LOW FOAM formula also contains detergents proven to quickly remove built-up ink contaminants while its rust inhibitors prevent your wash machine and other metal parts from corroding. Provided in concentrated form, LOW FOAM is the economical yet effective solution for your automated washing needs.

Maximize Your Investment

Flexo Shine LOW FOAM is pH buffered for maximum cleaning efficiency—ideal for cleaning equipment and tools in heated recirculating systems that require low foaming cleaners. The LOW FOAM benefits are unmistakable:

  • Designed for automatic wash machines
  • Created with readily biodegradable formula
  • Contains non-silicone de-foamer
  • Removes flexographic ink quickly and thoroughly
  • Contains rust inhibitors to preserve equipment
  • Concentrated for cost effectiveness
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