Flexo Shine™ Deep Clean™

Clogged Cells Reduce Your Returns

In the flexographic print world, investing in a deep cleaner with the power to restore anilox roll cell volume is critical to quality and profits. The poor print quality that comes with clogged print cells in your anilox roll can leave your company’s reputation spotty at best. Thankfully, Flexo Shine DEEP CLEAN will restore your print cells to maximum cell volume, easily and safely! The innovative science behind DEEP CLEAN outperforms all other deep cleaning solutions on the market.

Most deep clean products use an oil and water mixture. What sets DEEP CLEAN apart is our focus on Phase Balancing. By balancing our mixture precisely at the oil-water phase point, DEEP CLEAN results in a clean anilox roll and full print volume. Fast!

In keeping with the Flexo Shine pledge to help maintain a safer environment, the DEEP CLEAN formula also features biodegradable ingredients and an environmentally sustainable solvent—derived from citrus plants—rather than any harmful petroleum solvents. Try DEEP CLEAN to restore print and restore profit!

Bottomless Benefits

The benefits of Flexo Shine DEEP CLEAN run deep:

• Removes all types of water-based inks and coatings

• Exceptional at removing ink with print extender

• Contains no petroleum solvents

• Inherently biodegradable

• Incredibly easy to use

• Works quickly

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