Flexo Shine™ Solvent Wash

Solving the Solvent Problem

Never one to stop short of perfection, Flexo Shine has finally developed the perfect solvent solution. Flexo Shine SOLVENT WASH is specifically designed for cleaning solvent ink in flexographic plate wash machines. Simply replace the less effective, outdated product in your plate wash machine with Flexo Shine SOLVENT WASH and see an immediate improvement in cleaning!

Our proprietary AMPHO-TER solvent technology ensures that Flexo Shine SOLVENT WASH works on both water-based and solvent-based print inks. In keeping with the Flexo Shine pledge to help maintain a safer environment, SOLVENT WASH is also non-flammable, lower in VOC, biodegradable, and Diacetone Alcohol free.*

Awash with Value

Flexo Shine SOLVENT WASH offers numerous benefits:

• Removes all types of coatings

• Cuts all ink, fast

• Made with AMPHO-TER solvent technology

• Biodegradable

• Does not contain Diacetone Alcohol (highly toxic to animals) *

*M. Kitulagodage, L.B. Astheimer, W.A. Buttemer
Ecotoxicology and Environmental 
Safety 71 (2008) 597–600

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